• Reviews are subjective. If that’s not what you want then this isn’t the site for you.
  • Reviews will always be the honest opinion of the author, though they may not reflect the opinion of other contributors to the site (see the previous point).
  • We do not deal in rumours, speculation, or gossip. There are already plenty of sites that will attempt to guess the specs of the next console for you. Anything we attempted to add would just be noise.



  • Where a developer or publisher provides an incentive to perform a review (for example free game keys) this will be disclosed in the article. If any requirements or restrictions were placed on the content of an article then this will also be disclosed.
  • For reader peace of mind there will sometimes┬ábe a disclosure notice to confirm that none of the above are true.
  • If the disclosure notice is missing then it can be assumed there were no incentives, requirements, or restrictions.