Salvaged (Opposable Games) on Steam Greenlight

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Despite the Salvaged Kickstarter not meeting its goal last year, the Opposable Games team pushed on and the game is now on Steam Greenlight ready for your votes. Check out the trailer below.

So what is Salvaged? To quote from the Greenlight page: “You are the Commander. You are Alex Pieterson. Send squads of hardened agents into alien-infested wrecks in search for valuable salvage. Plan, attack and survive in a deadly sci-fi universe.”

While there are three ways to play Salvaged, the original (and most interesting to me) is the dual-screen mode where you connect a tablet to use as a second screen. In this mode, your monitor shows the over-shoulder camera view from each member of your team, while the tablet provides you with a planning interface reminiscent of the old Rainbow Six games. Yielding direct control of your team in exchange for giving orders from afar essentially places you in the shoes of Lt. Gorman from the Aliens movie. You can definitely command a squad better than he did, right? For those of you fortunate enough to have an Oculus Rift, the game provides a VR mode which renders the camera and planning displays in front of you on virtual screens. Finally, there is a traditional keyboard/mouse driven interface for single-screen play.

This is a game that I am excited to try out, particularly for the novel control interface. Just don’t ask how many combat drops I’ve had.

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